Wednesday, August 25, 2010

R.I.P Nancy

Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday. We spent the day in mourning for our beloved neighbour Nancy.

Forever shall she be remembered as the delightful old dear who introduced herself to us with broccoli stuck to pretty much every tooth. 'Twas a treat! And too for her insistence that we mustn't be afraid to "rave and party the night away" because she was as deaf as a doorpost. Bless her for that...we gladly accepted that offer and raved like we'd never raved before.

We first discovered that she ceased to exist when we were rudely awoken by the most terrific banging. I grabbed my dressing gown and hurried to the bedroom window. Parting the curtains a fraction I was greeted by the sight of two waste vans (a hybrid of a skip and a removal van-in both appearance and utility) and some rather surly gents filling them with furniture.

Now I say filling them, I mean chucking in with no regard every single item Nancy had owned. Right down to the last ornament. It was heartbreaking. A little bit of me was concerned that they were maybe sent by the bailifs, but my main concern was that I didn't know the full story...I had to investigate for my blog followers!

I popped downstairs - still in the dressing gown - and quickly filled a watering can so I could use the excuse that I was watering the hanging basket at the front. I casually ambled outside to find it was raining, and the removal men looked at me - watering can in hand - and must've thought me a right wolly!

Do not fear intrepid reader...I carried on regardless and nonchalantly asked if they knew of Nancy's whereabouts, or whether she had indeed 'popped her clogs'. Unforunately it was the latter, and all her belongings where simply going to the skip. I then asked (in hindsight a little insensitively) whether there was anything good left to remove. What I meant to ask was 'did she have a 70's cocktail style sideboard, and is it in good nick'!

Alas. Nancy is gone. And I still haven't found myself a nice sideboard!


  1. Hmm not too sure how i feel about this one.

  2. 70s style cocktail side board... Just my type!

  3. Hi there, I've trotted along from AA100 and have now created my own blog - respect!! Haven't a clue what I'm doing really but I have become a follower and where are you? Like your interesting street. My blog is looking pretty abstract but questioning!! Look forwrd to more of U.