Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the Busses

It was back to work today, back to the early starts and the dawn chorus. My first delight of the day was a decrepit sofa across the road, loitering on the street like a terrifying teen. I believe it belongs to Phat Boy and his Slummy Mummy, and like them, deserves an A.S.B.O.

Second delight of the day...the return of my favourite celebrity look-a-like. At last, the day was looking up. I should explain. Every time I'm on early I catch the bus with a guy who looks like Sean Lock.

A Sean-Lock-a-Like if you will :D

Never spoken to the guy, and nor do I ever expect to. It would completely shatter all allusions I have of the man. I was also reunited with Mr Teeth (self explanatory) but he never amuses me as much as my own personal Sean - Lock-a-Like, (which is surprising when you bear in mind the actual size of his oral dazzlers!)