Sunday, August 22, 2010

Neighbour Number One

Our first chapter will focus on my immediate subjects...the neighbours.

My good friend Admiral V once said to me whilst driving past a row of houses, "If people don't want you to see in their houses then they should invest in some net curtains." I could not agree more. I have a great interest in interior design and so nothing please me more than to check out living room design via the front-room windows. And I do this A LOT.

Neighbour number one, Wanda, had been a very intriguing su
bject, in that she is completely 'normal'. She provides me with the baseline by which I judge all other neighbours.

So Wanda then. Mid forties, brown curly hair and a penchant for demin skirts. Would guess at labour voter, though possibly considered lib-dem this time round. Has a son, Adam; ginger, quiet/rude and fond of dog walking.

Wanda is possibly queen of the street. Evidence to support this fact...she has a garden, and control over the streets only communal washing line. She is a goddess amongst us mere mortals.

The dog-Lulu is mad. Wanda had to erect a huge fence just to keep her from fleeing (fleaing :D)

This is simply an intro to Wanda; much more to follow.

Ciao for now

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